Cookies, crackers or biscuits are just some of the trendy fitness baked goods we produce in a variety
of shapes and sizes. You can choose between various animal and vegetable protein sources – as well as a wide range of flavours – ranging from sweet to spicy.

Cookies, crackers or biscuits
  • Protein biscuits
  • Protein crackers
  • Fibre-enriched biscuits
  • Cookies
    • Protein
    • Vegan
    • Filled
All kinds of

Our trendy snacks are available in many different flavours. From savoury cheeses and pure grains to various kinds of chocolate and fruits, there are no limits to finding your unique taste. Depending on which kind of cookies you choose, you can achieve protein levels of up to 50%. Owing to the fact that we use plant-based sources of protein for our biscuits, crackers and cookies, they are also vegan.


Trendy snacks made by anona are real eye-catchers on the shelf in their sealed composite and mono films with branded labels or in folding boxes printed in your design!

  • With auto lock bottom, with tuck-in bottom
  • Printed folding box 8c (with embossing possible)
  • One or more biscuits can be packed per tray / folding box
  • FSC possible
  • Made of composite and monofilaments
  • Printed foil 8c



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