anona creates tailored sports and fitness nutrition and vegan foods – in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, energy drinks and bars – exclusively for private labels. With anona's full service you will receive everything from one source and at the highest level of quality, whether that includes research, production or packaging.


In our facility in Colditz, we are building the future of food products through our wealth of ideas, experience and knowledge – and we also develop high-quality and tailored products for contemporary nutrition exclusively for private labels.


Based on our customers’ wishes, we flexibly tailor products: in a variety of delivery forms and mixtures, in all standard sizes and any amount. And always at the highest level of quality thanks to the most modern production technologies.


Whether you need folded boxes, cans or trays, our modern packaging methods and efficient logistics processes ensure not only that your product can be safely transported, but also that it grabs the most attention at the point of sale.

3 reasons for anona

…and this is why full service is worth it for you.


The best product quality

Each product is provided to you at the highest level of quality, based on decades-long experience in the development and manufacturing of food products.


Fixed costs

You receive finished, marketable products and save on additional development costs – production and individually-branded packaging is already included.


Appealing market segment

The number of food-conscious consumers is constantly rising – as is the demand for fitness and sports nutrition and vegan foods.