In this training course to become an IT specialist for digital networking, you will learn to plan, configure, and commission network-compatible devices and how industrial machines and systems in factories connect to the existing infrastructure. Using tests, you will locate errors in the system, analyse them, and prevent them. IT security is also part of your tasks.


  • Occupational title: IT Specialist for Digital Networking
  • Length of training course: 3 years
  • Start of cours: August/September of each year
  • Training location: Berufliches Schulzentrum in Leipzig, Germany
  • After successful completion of this training course you will stand a very good chance of being hired at anona.
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What you bring…

  • Excellent secondary school leaving certificate or Abitur (A-levels)
  • A keen interest in and understanding of IT and technology
  • A good dose of perfectionism

You will learn…

  • How to connect IT systems and applications
  • How to automate processes and production
  • How to secure data against unauthorized, external access
  • How to implement fail-safe systems

You can expect…

  • Fair wages
  • Compassionate Trainers
  • Trainee Room

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Klassenzimmer Ausbildung

Dual Training Course

Occupational training takes place at our facility in Colditz. You will learn theoretical aspects at the Beruflichen Schulzentrum (BSZ 7) for three weeks every two months.


Trainee Room

Upon request, we will provide an affordable room in a company-managed 3-person apartment for trainees and interns getting started. The apartment is furnished (dishwasher, Wi-Fi etc.) and within a short walking distance of anona’s offices.

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Research, development, production: anona –The Food Maker supplies brand names (private labels) with innovative nutritional products, from wellness and fitness nutrition products, sports nutrition and vegan foods.

Arising from a mill almost two centuries ago, anona has continued to develop into an international company for contemporary nutrition – with traditional values, an innovative spirit and high quality requirements from the start.


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