Kick-start your career with vocational training at anona. Learn more about our modern, interesting vocational training professions in the future-proof food industry.

Qualified Expert for Food Technology

Operate, mix, package: As a qualified expert for food technology you will handle our modern production technology. You will manage production processes, monitor them and produce our powder mixtures, tablets, capsules, liquids and bars for well-known brand names based on defined formulations.

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Qualified Expert for Warehouse Logistics

Sort, monitor, pick orders: As a qualified expert for warehouse logistics you manage logistics processes in our modern warehouses, with the help of electronic systems. You will accept raw materials and goods, make them available to the production department and send final products to clients.

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Machine and Plant Operator

Sort, store, monitor: As a machine and plant operator you will operate the most modern production technologies. You will monitor production facilities, manage production processes and package our high-quality products – from powders, tablets and capsules to liquids and bars.

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Mechatronics Engineer

Set up, maintain, repair: Our mechatronics engineers ensure fault-free operation of our production facilities and systems. As a trainee you will learn to install components to complex systems, to keep these running and to retrofit them. You will also learn to ensure smooth operations with controlling software.

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Industrial Sales Represenative

Entrepreneurial thinking, negotiating, comparing: As an Industrial Sales Representative, you manage business processes independently. During your training you will acquire the necessary negotiation skills and assertiveness to conduct cost-effective negotiations with suppliers of means of production.

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IT Specialist for Digital Networking

Networking, automation, securing data, preventing and resolving system outages: As an IT specialist for digital networking, you are the expert who keeps an eye on the production control system and optimises complex processes at the IT level.

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Once a simple mill, anona continues to develop as an international company for contemporary nutrition, with traditional values, an innovative spirit and the highest quality requirements.

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