At anona, you can gain valuable experience for your future career while you're still studying, whether you are completing a dual course of studies or a diploma thesis. Make the most of this chance to secure a successful start to your career in the future-proof food industry – apply now!


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Study and gain practical experience

Make the most of the many advantages of a dual course of studies. Attain scientifically-based knowledge at a first-class state academy, and broaden your skill base with practical know-how and applicable social competence with anona, ensuring that you are competently prepared for your career.

Work Experience

This practice-integrated degree course allows you to gain valuable practical experience for a successful start to your career.

Full-fledged Course of Study

Complete an internationally-recognized academic Bachelor’s degree as a qualified engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur) in just three years.

No Tuition Fees

Save yourself the hassle of expensive student loans: The entire course of studies is free of tuition fees.

The Best Career Chances

Your strong performance and commitment create the best chance of being hired by us upon completion of your course.

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BA Food Safety

Invest in the future by completing a Food Safety Bachelor’s course at anona. Learning theory and doing practical work rotate in three month intervals. Courses in theory take place at the Staatlichen Studienakademie Plauen, while practical experience is gathered in our facilities in Colditz.

The Food Safety course of studies starts on 1 October of each year and results in a “Diplom-Ingenieur (qualified engineer) BA” or a “Bachelor of Science”. This degree is on par with Bachelor’s degrees from technical colleges and universities.

Applications for 2021 are possible.

BA Food Management

As varied as the foodstuff themselves: As a dual training programme, the food management course is highly attractive and efficient. It is aimed at all those with interested in nutrition as well as the production and processing of food. With this Bachelor of Arts, you will become a decision-making expert in the fields of purchasing, production, sales and marketing and contribute to the innovation of new products.

The food management degree programme starts on October 1st each year. During your studies, you will alternate between theoretical training at the Staatliche Studienakademie Dresden and practical experience at our plants in Colditz.

Applications for 2021 are possible.


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